Best IELTS in Mohali

Best IELTS in MohaliBest IELTS in MohaliAlaska Immigration is one of the leading IELTS coaching institutes in Mohali. We are offering the Best IELTS Coaching Classes in Mohali. We have years of experience in offering reading, writing, speaking, and listening courses in English.

Best IELTS in Mohali

Our well-trained staff offers quality courses in foreign languages with a great learning environment. Moreover, they work with modern teaching methods and make learning easy and interesting for students. We not only focus on helping students clear exams but also make them fluent in the language.

Best IELTS in Mohali – Alaska Immigration

Do you live in Chandigarh Tricity or nearby areas and looking for the best IELTS coaching to clear your exam on the first attempt? If yes, then get admission to Alaska Immigration. You’ll come across various coaching centres but the reasons to choose ours are limitless. We have helped hundreds of students to clear the exam with good band scores.

We have received positive feedback from students in all these years. Moreover, we have a great infrastructure which creates a motivating atmosphere for the students. Our methods of teaching as well as conducting assessments are unique from the rest. Hence, this makes our institute a reliable and trustworthy coaching institute to help students achieve their bright future.

Best IELTS in Mohali – All you need to know about IELTS:

What is IELTS?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System which is a proficiency test for the English language. Clearing an IELTS exam is highly important for higher education and global migration. Moreover, it is a reliable name by more than 12000 organizations and 140 countries.

IELTS syllabus and pattern: Best IELTS in Mohali

There are two versions of ielts exams:


This is for those who wish to study in universities of English-speaking countries for higher education.

General – Best IELTS in Mohali

This is for those who are planning to migrate to an English-speaking country for education or work basis.

Listening syllabus- Best IELTS in Mohali

The listening syllabus consists of 40 sections.

The contexts are different for academic as well as general tests. The context involves monologues and conversations by native speakers.

Reading syllabus – Best IELTS in Mohali

The candidates have 60 minutes to complete a total of 40 questions on their reading test.

The academic IELTS consists of 3 or more passages whereas various short texts are for general IELTS. These questions test your general ideas, details, logical reasoning, and main concepts through passage reading.

You need to understand the writer’s perspective and identify their opinions. The texts are authentic and sourced from books, magazines, newspapers, etc. Hence, reading the texts and answering the questions helps to test your fluency in English.

Writing syllabus-

The writing section of the exam consists of two tasks.

For academic IELTS, task 1 consists of a graph, table, chart, or diagram. In this test, a candidate has to describe and summarize the information in their own words.

The candidate needs to explain the data picturized in the form of a chart, graph, or table. Therefore, it helps to check the understanding and writing ability of the clients. Task 2 consists of writing an essay on a particular topic. Moreover, the candidate must write both tasks in a formal style.

For general IELTS, task 1 involves writing a letter based on the given situation. The style of letter writing may be personal or formal depending upon the situation. Task 2 includes writing an essay on a given topic or argument.

The candidates can also write them in a slightly personal style.

Speaking syllabus-

This test examines your speaking fluency in the English language. The speaking part of the test is the same in academic and general IELTS. The speaking assessment consists of 3 parts-

Part 1 lasts for 4-5 minutes where the candidates can answer general questions about themselves.

However, In parts 2 and 3, a candidate has to speak on a particular topic. Candidates have 1 minute to prepare for a 2-minute speech on that topic. Following that, the examiner asks 1 or 2 questions related to the same topics from the candidate.

Result calculation:

Score 9 bands meaning the expert in language and band 1 being the no-ability candidate.

How to prepare for IELTS?

Understand test format

It is important to go through the syllabus and exam pattern before going to attempt the exam. Moreover, this helps to get an overview of the exam and you can improve your performance accordingly.


As there is a saying “practice makes the man perfect”, therefore, it will help you to perform effectively.

Choose reliable coaching

Alaska Immigration offers the best IELTS in Mohali with its expert teachers. Choosing a reliable coaching centre is important as they’ll assist you with the preparation for the exam.

Daily routine

Making the language a part of your daily routine helps to grab it a lot faster. You can start to speak the language in your daily conversations to make it a habit. Hence, this helps to maintain the hold of the language and easily perform speaking and listening assessments.

Receive feedback

The best way to improve is by receiving feedback. Ask your friends, family, mentor, or teacher regarding the feedback on your performance. This will help you to know the areas where you need to focus on improving your English.

Why do you need IELTS coaching?

  • IELTS trainers assist you with the right guidance to understand the exam structure. The exam pattern is unique to the other examinations. Hence, it is difficult to understand someone who has no experience. IELTS coaching helps you to improve your overall English skills and makes you more comfortable with the language.
  • It not only helps you to clear the exam but also get a hold of the language. The cost of an IELTS exam is much more. Hence, the candidates mustn’t waste their time and efforts.
  • However, reliable IELTS coaching helps you to get through the exam on the very first attempt. The IELTS coaching centre has years of experience and has gone through the exam pattern various times. Therefore, they have a better understanding of the concepts and patterns to help you with constant practice. This will not only help you to attempt the exam with confidence but also to finish it on time.

Why you should choose us for the Best IELTS in Mohali?

There are a few key features that make us stand out from the rest of the competitors. These are as follows:
  • Knowledgeable and skilful team of certified trainers.
  • Customize training programs as per student capability to learn the Latest and updated curriculum
  • Advanced and unique teaching methods Batch-wise classes Regular performance assessment as well as feedback
  • Free study material and sample papers
  • Low student-teacher ratio Affordable fee structure as well as instalment option and much more


Which institution is ideal for the Best IELTS in Mohali?

Alaska Immigration is the institute that can provide you with the Best IELTS in Mohali. They have a great team of trainers to help the students assist with the syllabus and exam pattern. Moreover, they work with the latest technologies and methods to make learning easy and simple.

How are the bands of IELTS calculated?

The IELTS exam has 4 assessments i.e. reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Each of the assessments has various parts and tasks included.

We calculate the average score which becomes the overall band score. We mark 9 as the language expert and 0 as a no-ability candidate.

Which type of ILTS training should I choose?

IELTS training is of two types: academic and general. The academic training is for those wanting to study for higher education in English-speaking countries. Such as the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. However, general training is for those migrating to these countries for some purposes.

What are the exam fees for IELTS?

As per the latest update, the registration fees for the IELTS exam are around 16,000. Therefore, one should enrol in a reliable coaching institute. They will help to save time and effort and clear the exam on the very first attempt.

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